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Proagro is a Mexican company, founded in 1994 by people committed to the agricultural development of Baja California. It arises from the need to create the right conditions that allow the farmer to succeed.

Throughout 20 years of work we have developed commercial relationships and strategic alliances on both sides of the border, consolidating the supply chain so that farmers can focus on growing their crops. We will take care of the rest.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to the agricultural and livestock sector in Mexico and the United States, through a continuous search for customer success.


Our vision is to become the leading company in the region, to later replicate our business model in other states of the country and have a national presence.


We are located in the Mexicali Valley, 10 minutes from the border with California and the Imperial Valley. Our location allows us to easily export and import products, as well as to negotiate personally with American customers and suppliers. The Colorado River is also a key factor of our geography, since it assures the required water supply for crops of intensive water usage such as alfalfa and other forages that we export.


Work team

PROAGRO is integrated by a team of professionals with a passion for agriculture and a focus on quality service. Our lean structure facilitates direct communication with our clients, and vertical integration with business partners allows us to make efficient decisions, as well as adapt to changes in the global environment.

Commercial Alliances

In PROAGRO, we always seek to support agricultural producers to achieve their objectives. We have made commercial alliances with national and international companies, offering the most advanced and innovative products that science and biotechnology have managed to develop, bundled with by advisory services and technical assistance for your success.


Ametza LLC - Our main ally in the commercialization of hay to the United States, they are suppliers of the biggest dairy and cattle companies in the United States and the world. Some of its main destinations are Japan and the Middle East.


Global leader in the development and commercialization of alfalfa seeds and other forages. Due to its orientation towards innovation, it has a wide catalog of specialized seed varieties, including those suitable for saline soils and drought conditions.


Mexican company specialized in the production and commercialization of seeds of vegetables, grains and oilseeds, with a wide presence in the market. Their innovative contribution and improvement of agricultural practices has increased the yield and benefits of the producers.


Melder, Pioneers in Animal Nutrition, is a Mexican company that since 1939 offers farmers and ranchers a wide range of products for nutrition and animal feed. Melder is a Mexican industrial corporation with investments in balanced foods and pre-mixes, swine genetics, nutritional supplements, veterinary medicines and sanitizers for the food industry.


Bionat-Sano is a Mexican company, specialized in Animal Nutrition, with a German technology base that has allowed them to innovate and develop specialized nutritional formulas, milk substitutes, concentrates and functional supplements.

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